Monday, March 24, 2008


I CAN'T FIND MY PAGE SIX.COM, HELP!!!!!!!! I need help when I type in like I have for months, it goes right to, and its just not cutting it for me in the gossip department. I miss the other, and all my page six myspace friends... they disappeared too! When it comes to gossip I depend on first and foremost Perz Hilton, then Pink is the new blog, and then page six, then I go through a long list of little other gossip friends but seriously I am feeling an emptiness and sense of betrayel, If there is any chance that Perez or Trent read this ,just please help me and give me the scoop!


Jeff said...

I never heard of page six before. You're pretty hardcore! What do you find out that isn't already on perez or pink? You really do need a vaca in L.A. to pretend like you're the stalkarazzi! Haha

Daily dose of Dana said...

i live to be stalkarazzi! love that word its def. shiteous!