Saturday, March 14, 2009

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, Some Camera Eyes Are Spying, and Don't Eat My Shamrocks at Karma...(WARNING: Picture overload!!)

We had plenty of green hair here for the St Patricks day Parade that took over New Falls Road today for about 2 hours, they said it would be 90 minutes but it wasn't over til 12:30 and we were right at the beginning, and it was sooo much fun!!!! (what a run on sentence that was!!)

But it was a great idea and we did have fun!!! This is Kymm and John above posing with all the green hair!!!
When I was on my way to work at 9 am the cars were already parking on the side of the road and people were claiming their spots for the annual St. Patricks Day Parade!!! Kymm sent me a text and was wondering if I brought my camera, and ya know what was so funny about that? I actually did have it!!!! (I had to go back home for the memory card but I did have the camera!!!)
Anyway before the parade even started 3 little girls wandered in and were requesting if we did green hilghlights, and little did they know we were ready for them!!!!

So the plan was, while we weren't busy during the parade because no one would be able to get into our parking lot we would hit the street with green hair and glue and start selling some green hair for the festivities , and so thats what we did - I wandered around sneaking in some pics, because I just love any event, especially an Irish event and especiall one where people get a little crazy!!! Like this guy below!!!!!

We had Irish dancers...

We had a mummers string band, check out the muscles!!!!

We had crazy hats and crazy shirts....

Not to mention some crazy Irish Clowns!!!

We even had an Arab Lui Lui Band??? They were in the spirit with their green and isn't everybody's Irish on St. Patricks Day!!!!

Oh and look we even had John and Kymm selling their green hair on the streets!!!!

and suddenly we had Yvette too!!!!

More crazy hats...I like the one that looks like crazy hair!!!!

I love this kid watching from under his hat, sooo adorable!!!

This is fun, but I thought leperchauns were small, unless this guy is suppossed to be the irish version of the Jolly Green Giant?

And maybe this is supposed to be a smal leperchaun!!!!

Ooops, I just got caught spying on Kymm and Yvette with the camera...

...but nows my chance for a photo opp!!!

So back at the shop, Don't eat my shamrocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John, me and Kymm...

The cold air must have been getting to us, because suddenly we got super silly...

OR maybe it was just the Irish Princess in me!!!!!

so when I got home and downloaded to 600 pics we took I found out that Kymm was spying on us with the camera too!!!

hahaha that's not my hand!!!! LOL!!!

Here we go again!!!DON'T EAT MY SHAMROCKS!!!!!!!!

Oh and here is the proof we actually did work today!!!!

Kymms client brought in her daughter for her first haircut!!! She was so cute, she pointed at me and my shamrock's that Kymm was chomping on and she said "Bee", I hate bees but it was so cute I pretended to be a bee for her. Then she just kept pointing at me and saying bee eveytime I walked by her!!! ADORABLE!!!
And this little guy, he is one of Yvettes regulars and he is soo adorable too!!!

On that note its back to business!!!! Happy St. Patricks Day!!!! Have a green beer for me!!!!!


michelle said...

CUTE! glad u had fun!!

Jeff said...

Too bad we didn't have a drink after all those festivities! But I wish I could've been there. What was I doing? Oh. Sleeping.