Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Has anyone checked out the Heidi Montag video "HIGHER"? Look at her when she is climbing the rocks...she looks like an ape. Anyway she is corny! Gess I know you love "The Hills" but seriously this girl is wierd. On the radio this morning they were calling her a butterface and I was cracking up!!!Thanks to my Billy I know what a butterface is!!!! P1! Also I can't get the whole Sarah Silverman/Matt Damon video out of my head!!! I love it! its my new number one song!!!! I tried posting them for you on here but its not working out at all! So google them, OR hit up my myspace. only the Sarah Silverman video was worthy of posting!!!!


Jeff said...

I put the Sarah Silverman video on Vikki's myspace b/c she didn't hear it. It's got an intro of her talking to Jimmy on his show too. If you didn't see that.

Daily dose of Dana said...

I did see it on you tube!