Monday, February 4, 2008

finally...(another venting session)

I finally don't have the voice of the coal miners daughter anymore! I left the sexy raspy voice at home this morning! However the cough and headache are lingering...The doctor is trying and always tries to convince me my illnesses are due to chemicals in the hair salon I work in. I hate that - next time he is sick I am going to tell him your not really sick, your just are around sick people all day - you must be allergic. Quit your job Dr. do nothing!
Thats what he basically tells me -you have this and this but you wouldn't if you didn't work in a hair salon.
Hello wacko - could you please make some sense???
Yes he said if this doesn't go away call me back!
Thanks for so much insight and help. When was the last time I was here? June ? I havn't been sick since June - IF YOU THINK I HAVE NOT BEEN NEAR HAIR CHEMICALS SINCE JUNE - YOUR CRAZY!!!!!! HOW ABOUT A CLUE - IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HAIR CHEMICALS!
He did give me antibiotics and it did help me , but all I really want is a cough medicine, just make this gross, painful, barking cough go away! Thanks for fixing my throat though and the runny nose and stuffiness is pretty much gone too!



POOR DANA - Hey, but thanks for doing my hair tonight!!! LOL

Jeff said...

Yeah I'm not too sure about my doctor either. I tell him that every time I get heart palpatations it's when I have a lot of stress in my life. But then he goes, "You need to just cut caffeine and sugar out of your diet. And your cholesterol is a little high for someone your age. I want a blood test to see your cholesterol." It's like, "Dood! I'm not here for that! Stop ignoring the reason that I keep coming here and passing it off as caffeine! I took out all the caffeine in my diet and I'm still getting them! Asshat!"

michelle said...

sounds like you and jeff need different doctors. and it also sounds like u have alot of time on your hands to type out that long post!

Jeff said...

I have mentioned that I want to go to a different doctor! My mom doesn't care. She usually says, "Go ahead. I don't care." lol