Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Car Dilemma....?#$%

Ford Escape
my favorite truck!
This is my latest dilemma????? Ford Escape or Nissan Xterra? Higher car payment for both but I am willing to suck it up - good news is my insurance stays the same - greatest difference is $1.80 p/month so its a non issue! I test drove the Xterra last night - and I love it it sits up really high, I know the escape is going to be much smaller but its the only simple SUV that I like, if that makes any sense! Anyway I would love to know your thoughts~? Don't worry I am looking at dark colors so have no fear, even though I would love it, I won't be showing up anywhere in a yellow suv!!! lol


J said...

Hey! I didn't know you were getting a new car. How exciting. I really like the Ford Escape. That's my opinion. I would never drive anything foreign anyway, but that's just how I was raised. My dad would kill me if I ever drove a foreign car. Not to mention, Kevin would probably never talk to me again. But I don't like them anyway.

I never got your first comment! I didn't erase anything. I haven't been on this website in a while. I only have Kymm's laptop and the connection we have is really slow. So I haven't gone online that much.

michelle said...

the escapes are way nicer!
what about cr-v's or the rav-4's? u know they are my favorites!


I can't see you driving the X-Terra...I like the Escape better.

Beth said...

My vote is with the Escape. I like the way that looks better!