Tuesday, July 24, 2007


It seems to be that everyone, including my fiance and I are getting married this year! This year alone ,including our own, we will have attended 5 weddings. Usually we go to one or two a year, but this year would have to be the year that we and everyone else decided to tie the knot! I am excited for us and for everyone else too! I think this is so exciting though, we get to take all of our relationships to the next level and become "married couples" as oppossed to just girlfriend and boyfriend! I feel like we are joining the adult team or something like that!! Well just in case you were wondering who has gotten married - here are some pics from the first wedding of the year! Congrats to my cousin Tim and his new wife Rebecca! They were married in March, and I bet you they are so excited they invited me and my wardrobe malfunction to the wedding~

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