Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ray and Jenns Wedding

So Remember I mentioned that this is the year of "the weddings" Well we went to a beautiful wedding this last weekend. It was truley beautiful! The ceremony took place in a garden and the reception was in this beutiful garden house. I just have to say I have never had such a pleasant evening. The weather was georgeous and quite cool for July - typicallly I dread July weddings. The heat is ridiculous, the humidity is normally so gross! I am a hairdresser and the worst is when people want their hair done for a July wedding, you know from the moment they book that updo their hair is in for the worst hair day ever!!! However I must say I was wrong about this day because it was so nice, I myself was shocked! After all my crazy dilemmas about what to wear??? what jewelry??? what purse??? Which of the four pairs of shoes that I purchased will be perfect??? I think I was more crazed and particular about this wedding then I have been about my own, but actually maybe this craziness was a preview, just a little taste of what I will be like on my wedding day! I was crazy, and it was SCARY! However it was Ray and Jenns Day and everything turned out to be perfect even my shoes!!!! Billys friend Ray and his new wife Jen really made this day extra special! I wish them both happiness and luck in their new lives together!

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