Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Me, Buckwilly, and Rosco, the new kid in town...

So billy and I have emBARKED on a new venture and we decided to expand the family!
Its our version of family planning.
We wanted everyone to meet the new kid in town!!!
His name is Rosco and he is a 7 month old beagle and he came fully equipped with lots of food, treats, and toys! We are so new to this puppy thing but we love it.
We read the Beagle book that came with him and decided we were going to make sure no matter we would do this, this, this, and this. HAAAAA! That was a joke as soon as it came time for us to enforce the rules, it was like a roller coaster. Billy is def the leader of this pack because I cave at the cuteness immediately!
This is his favorite toy! Its a rubber chiken in a purple polka dot bikini! I crack up every time he brings it to me! Which just so you know is about 95 times a day- he loves this thing!
Rosco is a great help with the dishes, he loves to lick the dishwasher! Strange, but he does it every day!
he also is sooo funny he walks like a person, no joke, he does it for longer then I ever thought a dog
 could! These are my favorite shots below, he loves outside, and he is more social then we are. He talks to all the neighbors and cries when the kids walk by for school, and if they don't pay him any attention, he cries a lot!

and he is def Billy's jeep buddy! The first night we brought him home he cried in the jeep the whole time, and now he loves it! He goes to the park with Billy, and tonight he got his first tick, not succh a great thing but we saved him!!!! And pretty much after a week he still likes us!


Lena's Life said...

I love the post when you said you read the book on beagles...ahh, if everyone came with a book/manual life would be alot easier! LOL! ! ! ! Can't wait to meet Roscoe! He is so stinking cute! ! ! !

Gessika & Co. said...

he is soo stinkin' cute and Oliver can't wait to have a playdate at the park! We need to get them together so they can run wild OUTSIDE and not on your living room carpets!!

Jeff said...

He's my best friend.

Fightin' Mad Mary said...

OMG I'm in love!! Congrats.

Daily dose of Dana said...

jeff he is thats why he pees on u!!!! the feeling must be mutual! Fightin' mad mary you would be putty in his paw!!!!!