Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mothers Day...this one's for the gangsta's!

So, Mothers Day was very nice. We all went to the Buck Hotel for Dinner, The Flahertys, the Katulka's and we even got a visit from the Levine Boys! How nice of them to stop in and have dinner with their Aunts and Nona. We were missing a few people but we thought of them all day and kept them in our prayers!
We got a little crazy with the picture taking! My Nona has been watching "The Soprano's" and she is getting very into it - so My Aunt Shell decided that we needed to take gangsta pics too! Its very funny to see everyones interp. of a gangsta!

Kyle and Olivia

Hunter and his daddy - I threw this in there because I am a big Hunter fan - he is so cute! Happy 1st Mother Day Caleigh!!!!

This is my mom and dad - Happy Mothers Day Mom!

Aunt Shell and Liv - gangsta!

Family Photos!

This is Aunt Shell being coached on the gangsta look by me - we needed to loose the strict mom lip pucker and try the botox interp.! Happy mutha's day gangsta!

This is the rents interp. Its very funny if ya know them! I am never sure who they think of when they think "gangsta" But I think My mom is def. going with the traditional thought of mobster!!! Love it!!!

I think Nona wins the Gangsta look! She def. has the mobster influence and please watch out she will cut ya with her finger scissors and she just may fork ya!


michelle said...


i love the pics!

Jeff said...

Wait. How awesome is your mom and dad?! So awesome! Haha. Is that my BFF Kyle from the wedding? Tell him that Jess is single and he can have her. LOL